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Sugar…Part 2


I have been getting rid of every food in the house that has excessive sugar in it and have been reading every label…

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms:

Below is a list of possible withdrawal symptoms of sugar withdrawal…have been reading that depending on how addictive you have been, the time can be months before you feel better. Luckily I gave up soda a while ago and the gummies/candy.
I’m not too keen on artificial sweeteners of any kind…honey is probably the sweetener of choice for me…but not in the immediate future…I feel I have to go cold turkey. Fruits and fruit juices in moderation. Today I made oatmeal and instead of the water, I used apple cider, added some cinnamon and vanilla…I must say it tasted so good!


a. Headaches, Irritability, Shaking
b. Feeling Sad or Down
c. Fatigue
d. Sleep Patterns Affected
e. Cravings
f. Poor Energy
g. Nausea

I personally have the headache, irritability and poor energy.

How to get through these withdrawal symptoms? I’ve been reading that drinking a lot of water helps, personally I found a cup of coffee helps me a lot. Finding substitute foods to eat when you are craving your old sugary standbys…That’s the point I am at now…will report on different foods tomorrow…
til next time…Eva