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Doing the “Brain Dump”


Similar to the “irritation list” is a technique called the “Brain Dump”. I don’t know who originated it but it is an effective organizational technique. In the work sector, its an effective exercise of everything that is on your mind, things you need to do, people to contact…everything that is taking energy away from you.

When you write something down, it gives that thought/idea an energy that it doesn’t have when it is simply in your mind and relieves your mind of remembering the details.

I like to do it at night before I go to sleep…I write down everything that is still cluttering up my mind and will possibly affect my sleep. Take a sheet of paper and pen and just write down whatever you are thinking about. This can take a while, especially if this is the first time you’ve done it and have a lot on your mind.

Once its done, you should feel relieved because it is on paper now and you don’t have to mentally keep track of it. It takes away some of your stress.

A Brain Dump can be done any time of the day…when you do it during the day, its a great way to develop your “to do” list. You keep writing down everything that is on your mind, no matter how small, silly or nonessential you may think it is. Your next step would be to go over the list and on a different sheet of paper(or two, or three), write down the most important things you have written down that need to be done…prioritize them and then proceed to do them.

Give the Brain Dump a try and see how it can begin to relieve your stress, de-clutter your mind, and make your life more organized