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Daily Health Habits…Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling is a technique practiced in Ayurvedic medicine. Basically, our gums and teeth are often a reflection of what is going on health wise in the rest of the body. “If the mouth is healthy, your intestines will be healthy. If your teeth and gums are deteriorating, then you are deteriorating.”(Bruce Fife).
It is said that oil pulling is a good method for improving our oral health by soaking up/pulling disease causing bacteria and their toxins from around the teeth and gums. Whitening teeth, removing plaque, and relieving inflammation and infection from our gums…

That said, let me introduce you to OIL PULLING.

Oils used for oil pulling were traditionally SESAME and SUNFLOWER. COCONUT is used quite frequently because of its mild taste and texture. I started out with Sesame and with it being so savory in taste, it was difficult for me to handle first thing in the morning.


a. Oil Pulling is to be done on an empty stomach. Traditionally done first thing in the morning, it can also
be done more than one time a day when you need to detox more quickly or have issues with your mouth and

b. In the beginning, I would recommend that you don’t take the full 1 Tablespoon of oil recommended…it all
depends on the size of your mouth and your gagging factor. Try a teaspoon in the beginning. Put the oil
in your mouth and slowly pull it, swish it, suck it, chomp it and pull it through your teeth. You want
the oil to become thin and foamy. Your saliva is going to mix in with the oil.
Time…your goal is 20 minutes.
How to do 20 minutes? I usually put the spoonful of oil in my mouth the second I get into the bathroom,
do my skin brushing, my shower, and by the time I am dry and dressed, the 20 minutes are usually up.(when I
do it at night, I do it while I am doing something else like being on the computer, reading, etc.)

c. Do not swallow any of the oil because it is deemed to now contain bacteria and toxins that have been
absorbed. Spit it into your toilet or in a baggy and throw in the trash…do not put it in your sink cause
it may solidify in the sink pipes.

d. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Salt water is antimicrobial and very soothing.

e. Brush your teeth(preferably with a natural toothpaste).

If you need to, you can do this any time as long as it is on an empty stomach. I usually do it again at

Benefits: I personally have noticed that my teeth have gotten very white. Irritations on my gums seem
to have gotten better. The plaque on my teeth seems to be disappearing. And something totally
unrelated, my nails seem to have become smoother and healthier looking. I had read that a small
amount of the oil is absorbed while you are oil pulling and gives you benefits through that as well.

People have reported oil pulling has helped with many different conditions ranging from Acne to Chronic
Fatigue. All I can say is, the white teeth alone is amazing, the way my teeth and mouth feel afterwards feels so healthy and I know that my mouth is clean. The way I look at it, every small way I help my body to detox has to be a good thing.

til next time…Eva