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Welcome to “Every Day A New Chance “


Welcome to “Every Day, A New Chance”.
I plan to write about the various health benefits towards certain basic habits that I have tried and used(and also some that friends of mine have been trying). Now, I don’t have a medical doctor’s degree…I have a Masters in Education and love doing research…I have a habit of not believing anyone’s comments about something until I have done the research online or on books for myself.

I have been without health insurance for years and have been forced from necessity to find alternative ways to stay healthy and keep my family healthy. I also was care giver for my parents 24/7 for 6 years and needed to keep us all healthy. There is a need to take responsibility for your own well being…and this means eating properly, drinking enough water, exercising, and living a positive lifestyle…all the basics. I have been seeing too many people ignore health issues and rely on the doctor to prescribe medication and continue to live life they way they always have.

Concentrating on health in all factors…physically, mentally, financially, emotionally…
Hope you will join me on this quest for a better life on all areas…physically, mentally, financially and emotionally…
til next time…Eva