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Elimination Diet…Part 1 of 3


If you have suspected food allergies or just feel some foods aren’t working for you, attempting the Elimination Diet might be something for you to try. It’s not for the weak hearted…it’s a month long(or longer) and many foods are taboo for the month. There are many varieties of the Elimination Diet. I’ve used the following one by Dr. Elmer M. Cranton. I did it a few years ago to determine if I had allergic reaction to wheat/grains because I was coughing every time I ate anything with wheat and I couldn’t make the connection. I remember one time my daughter and I had gone to a fast food restaurant and had gotten a burger…I couldn’t stop coughing and we had to leave quickly. Another symptom I would have was frequent heartburn…several times a day. I went on the elimination diet and for the first time in such a long time, I wasen’t coughing…I also lost weight that never returned.

According to Dr. Elmer M. Cranton (2005), the Elimination Diet is useful in two ways.. to help diagnose suspected food allergies and/or relieve stress on the immune system. One thing to remember is that this is not a life time program…it is a direction towards feeling good again.

To diagnose for allergies, it is recommended to stick with it for a month and observe any changes/improvements in the way you feel. Symptoms that may improve are skin rashes, fatigue, congestion, digestive tract problems, joint pain, discomfort of any kind.

The suspected foods and beverages that were eliminated during the month are then re-introduced to your diet one by one and you over a few days notice if any of the symptoms return. If they don’t, it is then safe to eat that food again.

If the diet is used to relieve stress on your immune system, the time frame is 3 months. This is a period of rest and can give your system the time to recover its’ tolerance to the foods you previously couldn’t tolerate. The foods may then be tolerated as long as they aren’t eaten often. When you do this diet, it’s known as the Cave Man Diet or the Rare Food Diet because it avoids your commonly eaten foods.

It is recommended that you keep a daily diary of your symptoms, diet and any improvements that you notice. You may experience withdrawal symptoms during the first week or two…and incidentally, whatever it is you crave or have withdrawal symptoms of, is probably the allergy causing food.

Various changes you may notice: Relief from:

Nasal or Lung Congestion
Heart Burn
Joint Aches
Drowsiness after meals
Mood Swings
Urinary Problems
Foggy Thinking
Fluid Retention
Digestive Disorders
Part 2 will be all the foods you will need to avoid
Part 3 will be the foods you are permitted to eat.

til next time…Eva