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Ideas…writing them down


I have been reading a book by Barbara Sher entitled, “Refuse to Choose”…a book about people who are Scanners(more on that in another post).  There are so many “aha” moments in this book for me but the one I want to talk about today is  how to write ideas down.

This visualization is for when you have some quiet time…at least 10 minutes but I have been enjoying more.

Barbara Sher talks about visualizing that you are on a deserted island all by yourself.  You are safe.  You have plenty of food and a lovely place to sleep.  Nothing to worry about.  Your ship is coming in a few days.  There is no one around but you and no wild animals or natives to disturb you.  Just you, the sky, the sand and the sea.

Have a notebook and pen and close your eyes.  Try to keep your mind blank for a few minutes.   Eventually, ideas are going to come…just write them down.

I have been doing this for three days now and am amazed every time with some of the ideas that pop up in my thoughts.  In the beginning, I tell myself, “I am safe.  I am sitting enjoying looking at the sea and sky, the pure white sand that is so soft and inviting to sit on.  No one around to bother me.  I have plenty of food and drink for when I need it.  My ship is coming in a few days.  Nothing to worry about. I am safe.”

I start thinking to myself, “this is not going to work this time…”  then, bam…it just flows with ideas.  Sometimes it’s small things that are on my mind that I need to do but I write them down too.  Small things I worry about, I write them down.  I have had several ideas for possible business ventures that I never thought of before.

I had written before about James Altucher’s recommendation that we sit and write down 10 ideas every day.  Try this method of the island visualization…let me know if it works for you too.

Barbara Sher also has a website :  http://www.barbarasher.com    worth looking at…

til next time…Eva