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Simply Let Go



Vintage figurine, photo by Eva 2014

Christmas always seems to be the season of high expectations.  People expecting certain gifts and events to happen…expecting the “perfect” family Christmas gathering where everyone behaves and is loving to one another.  The expectation of gifting/receiving the “perfect” gift.  The expectation of many young women my daughter’s age of being proposed to and given the “perfect” engagement ring…and the list goes on.

Since I got my Reiki 1 attunement, I found I was(and still am)  overly irritated about almost everything.  My Reiki teacher told me to meditate on this and find out what lesson I had to learn.  After a while, the word “expectations” surfaced and when I pondered more, the whole concept of “letting go of expectations” hit me as my answer.

I realized then that I’d been spending most of my life “expecting” things to be different…and expecting people to behave a certain way.  And the realization that this has been going on for most of my life is humbling.  Expectations for a different life, different job, different financial status over the years…Almost being married 25 years and I have this whole time been expecting my husband to be the stereotype of what I expected husbands to act and be(thanks to the media, books, bits and pieces of men I have known)…and becoming more disappointed and irritated over the years that it wasen’t developing.  When, in reality, I should have been appreciating the good things about him that do exist.

I have also been irritated about work, my finances, house, clutter, weather, and the list goes on and on.  I know now that I have to let go.  Simply…Let….Go.  It’s not going to happen overnight.  It may not even happen in a year…but little by little, I am going to let go of the expectations I have about every facet of my life.  Do I know how to do this?  Not really.  My thought is that I will consciously have to concentrate on eliminating the expectations one by one.  Letting go of judgements of people and events.  Oh boy, I have my work cut out for me…

til next time…Eva


Reiki Level 1


004aReiki Level 1 photo by Eva 2014

I got a text message from my friend Beth on Friday…she’s a former Art teacher and now does Yoga and Reiki instruction.  She and I have many similar interests and talk about anything healthwise, new methods, various diets, food allergies, etc.

She was giving a Reiki 1 class on Saturday, had one spot left and asked if I wanted to come as her guest.  She has known that I have wanted my Reiki 1 Certification for quite a while…ever since she had gotten her three levels.  I had been reading quite a bit about Reiki online and watched various videos and done it on my pets and myself…but wanted to actually experience it and see how it was done.  I accepted with glee.

She texted me back to wear “comfortable clothing” because we were going to do some “light Yoga stretches” before doing the Reiki.  I have done Yoga off and on over the years…my Dad and I used to do it with the television programs in the 1970s.  I took Yoga classes when I started teaching in the late 1970s.  Now, back then, there were no fancy sticky mats, no fancy clothing, etc.  We wore shorts or sweatpants, heavy socks and a t-shirt.  We brought a towel to lay on and a small blanket to cover ourselves for meditation.

I was excited about the class itself but kind of apprehensive about the clothes part…I didn’t have the time or the funds at the moment for buying anything new so I wore my most comfortable jeans, a t-shirt and my zipped knit jacket and comfortable sneakers.  I knew what Beth normally wears…black Yoga pants and a 3/4 length sleeve knit top.

I got there 15 minutes early and helped Beth with her stuff(various herbal teas and snacks) before the other 4 arrived.  One by one they arrived and when all 4 were there, I was struck by the similarities of them all.  They all had the same haircolor(bleached blond) and elaborate hairdo and were all wearing heavy make up(it was 9 am!), manicured nails, several diamond rings on each hand and top of the line yoga wear.  I was definitely the odd one out and strangely enough, it amused me.  I’m at the point that I spend my time and energy on other things…although I must say that if my 24 year old daughter were home, she’d tell me I have to work harder on my appearance…with some more makeup and care with my choice of clothing, etc.

When it came to the Yoga stretches, I was very gratified to find out that I could keep up with all of them quite well…my real problem was not being able to hear as well as I should have…I had to watch Beth all the time and read lips for the most part. The stretches she selected were related to the chakra points and she would read affirmations that were indictative of each of the chakra points.

The Reiki Attunement disappointed me because I thought I’d get a revelation of sorts…instant enlightenment did not happen!  It was a  peaceful sensation though and some of the women said they did feel something.

Then we did Reiki on each other…one by one we lay on the Reiki bed and got all five people practicing on us at one time.  I was last by choice(I figured the ones who paid should get it first).  We learned how to “ground” ourselves first so that we wouldn’t absorb energy from the person(if you are an empath, you instinctively do that) and to brush and smooth the aura of the person after the session.  I noticed that many of the others cried while they were being worked on.

When it was my turn, I felt the warm soothing sensation on my head area and a surging sensation on my right foot.  Beth later told me that when she was doing my right foot, she could feel the energy being literally vacuumed from her hands…and had never had that experience before.  I didn’t cry during my session…I felt a bubble in my abdomen and gained momentum as it traveled up and I couldn’t stop giggling…it was a totally delicious feeling.

We were given a workbook and told to practice for the next 21 days…on ourselves, our pets, our friends, our family, our plants, our cars, everything would benefit from Reiki.  The more we would use it, the stronger the energy would be coming from our hands.  Another thing Beth said was that something would happen…and she related when she had gotten her first attunement and was practicing in the first 21 days, she realized that her big lesson to learn what that she was not in control of everything in her life.  I’m a little apprehensive of what lesson this has in store for me.

All in all, an interesting day and I’m grateful to Beth for the experience.  Now to move on to the 21 days to practice it, do more research online and become fully versed in it.

til next time, Eva