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I get pretty much a daily post from Daniel Scranton(Reiki Master and Channeling)  of his channeled messages with  each and every one of the messages bring me “aha” moments.  One I received a few days ago was regarding receiving messages from our angels.  I think to many of us, when we meditate/pray, we are expecting the answer to come in a specific manner…in words, something spoken or written somehow.

This message was about getting a certain feeling to move you in a direction…a feeling that gives you peace, lessening your fears, etc.

I remember one time years ago when my mother was in the hospital.  There were some complications and I felt so utterly alone.  I was looking out the window and I remember saying, “Dear God, I need help…and I need it now…Please, Please!”  Within ten minutes, our Pastor Fred came bounding into the room…dressed in fishing gear, fishing hooks dangling from his hat and looking at me all perplexed.  “I was driving on my way to fish and had no intention of coming to the hospital today…didn’t even know you were here…when all of the sudden, I felt driven to come in and go to this floor…the next thing I see you standing here.  What’s wrong?”  I knew at that point, that prayers are answered in many different ways and form.

I pray to Archangel Michael often when I need strength…whenever I am fearful…his presence is always felt and my courage level rises.  My one girlfriend always prays to St. Teresa for help with family matters and finances.

Many times an answer  is given to me  by my angel cards, something I might overhear, if some phrase is actually spoken by a few people to me, or something I read.

One thing I know I need to do in this new year is be quiet and be guided in some way.  I need to spend more time being quiet and deciphering the answers I am being given and realizing they are coming in many different ways…feelings being one of them…

   til next time…Eva


Wood and Cotton…in our food supply?!


You might already know this but I just found it out this week…that it is permissible for the food manufacturers to actually put wood pulp in our food(and some put cotton pulp in)!

The ingredient name to look for is CELLULOSE…aka…wood pulp. It is also listed as the following:
Powdered Cellulose
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Cellulose Gum

How is it made? Powered cellulose is made by cooking raw plant fiber…usually wood…in various chemicals to separate the cellulose. It is then purified. The modified versions then go through an extra processing by exposing them to acid to further break down the fiber.

The FDA supposedly sets limits on the amount of cellulose in certain foods. It is unable to be digested by humans and the food manufacturers use cellulose as an extender…it provides structure and reduces breakage. It is much cheaper than “real” food ingredients that perform the same jobs and actually add nutritional value to the product. The bottom line is to slash costs and fill up the product.

Fun fact…in addition to food, cellulose is used in the creation of plastics, cleaning detergents, welding electrodes, pet litter, automotive brake pads, glue and reinforcing compounds, construction materials, roof coating, asphalt, and emulsion paint!

There are 15 Food Companies who serve you wood. Here is a basic list of the companies:

Pepsi(Aunt Jemima Pancakes, Original Syrup and Lite Syrup)

Kellogg(Morningstar Farms, Waffles, Cinnabon)

Weight Watchers Ice Cream

General Mill(Fiber One Products, Pillsbury Cake Mixes, Betty Crocker Whipped
Frosting, Duncan Hines Cake Mixes)

McDonalds(many products)

Sara Lee(Jimmy Dean Products)

Taco Bell(many products)

Jack in the Box

Kraft Foods(Wheat Thins, Macaroni and Cheese, Frozen Bagel)

Pizza Hut

Wendy’s (many items but the one that really bothers me is the Frosty!)


Dole(peaches and cream Parfait, Apples and Cream Parfait)


I may never buy grated cheese again…apparently cellulose made from wood pulp and cotton is used to coat the shredded cheese to keep it from sticking. Many salad dressings have it because it is an anticaking agent, thickening agent and also replaces fat. Meat products may “only” have 1-4% of cellulose added.

I keep repeating myself here…but we need to all be reading the labels, we need to look up any ingredients we don’t understand. I personally cannot understand that someone could morally decide to add ingredients to our food that could potentially harm us.

til next time…Eva

R and R


  I don’t know about you, but I never seem to “allow” myself to truly relax.  I’ve always envied people who make up their minds that they are taking care of their needs and just do it.  My “bad” habit about not putting myself and my needs first go back a long way.  I was caregiver 24/7 for my parents for 6 years and my daughter was young at that time as well.  Those years saw me getting very little sleep, gaining quite a bit of weight, having very little free time and stressed most of the time.  I know I did what I had to do at the time and I know it was the right thing to do(having that special relationship with my parents plus the heightened spirituality).  I missed a lot of things that I was no longer able to do…I regret not having the quiet times with my daughter(not being able to read to her, those were special times for us).  The interesting fact is that during that time, she learned to read by CDs and her reading skills sky rocketed.  I regret not having the time and energy for my husband, our home, our cat, and my friends.

   Bringing us back to R and R…it’s 10 years since that time and I still haven’t  “allowed” myself R and R without guilt.  I always feel the need to “accomplish” something…the to-do list always beckons, the pets need attention, food needs to be made, house needs to be cleaned, de-cluttering needs to be done and the list goes on and on.

   I realized the other day just how bad it had gotten.  I had taken a nap on a Sunday afternoon…something I never do…had felt “down” all day for some reason and nothing looked good to me.  I’d gotten up to make dinner and just as it was done, my left eye became blurred and I could feel a headache coming on.  I quickly fixed the pets’ food, got my husband’s plate out and the utensils, called him, said I didn’t feel good, ran to the bathroom, put compresses on my eyes, threw up and quickly went to bed with a full blown migraine.

   I know now that it is imperative that I start being good to myself.  I’ve been diligent with the various improvements in my lifestyle with water, no sugar, watching what I am eating, now my next step is getting the rest I need and being good to myself and my needs.  All of the other health improvements won’t be worth anything if I don’t get my rest.

   Looks like it’s about time…