I get pretty much a daily post from Daniel Scranton(Reiki Master and Channeling)  of his channeled messages with  each and every one of the messages bring me “aha” moments.  One I received a few days ago was regarding receiving messages from our angels.  I think to many of us, when we meditate/pray, we are expecting the answer to come in a specific manner…in words, something spoken or written somehow.

This message was about getting a certain feeling to move you in a direction…a feeling that gives you peace, lessening your fears, etc.

I remember one time years ago when my mother was in the hospital.  There were some complications and I felt so utterly alone.  I was looking out the window and I remember saying, “Dear God, I need help…and I need it now…Please, Please!”  Within ten minutes, our Pastor Fred came bounding into the room…dressed in fishing gear, fishing hooks dangling from his hat and looking at me all perplexed.  “I was driving on my way to fish and had no intention of coming to the hospital today…didn’t even know you were here…when all of the sudden, I felt driven to come in and go to this floor…the next thing I see you standing here.  What’s wrong?”  I knew at that point, that prayers are answered in many different ways and form.

I pray to Archangel Michael often when I need strength…whenever I am fearful…his presence is always felt and my courage level rises.  My one girlfriend always prays to St. Teresa for help with family matters and finances.

Many times an answer  is given to me  by my angel cards, something I might overhear, if some phrase is actually spoken by a few people to me, or something I read.

One thing I know I need to do in this new year is be quiet and be guided in some way.  I need to spend more time being quiet and deciphering the answers I am being given and realizing they are coming in many different ways…feelings being one of them…

   til next time…Eva


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