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Changing Habits by Baby Steps


I always love the New Year with the New Year’s Resolutions…but in many cases, people only last for a short time before giving up on them(myself included).  I read recently of an idea that instead of just having New Year’s Resolutions aka habits, every month is a new chance to start anew.  For the first time, I finally am seeing results and get excited for the new month to start so I can start a new habit.  In July I did the Elimination Diet for the whole month.  August I did De-cluttering, and now in September, I have been concentrating on my bridal floral business…making up new ideas and stock.  I think in October, I’m going to take French lessons online…this has not been successful for me in the past…but if I tell myself, “it’s only for a month”, then I will stick with it.

A friend of mine introduced me to “Tiny Habits” by Dr. BJ Fogg…( lately and it’s a great way to introduce new habits to your regimen.  This would be that one extra baby step towards a daily regimented habit…drinking more water, exercise, flossing your teeth, etc.  You pick three for the week and they aren’t supposed to take a long time(60 seconds or so).  You need to sign up by a Friday and complete your habits by Sunday in order to start them on Monday.  Every day of the week you will receive an email and you must respond to it.

I signed up for this week and picked three habits:

a. After I wake up, I will drink a glass of water.

b. After I turn my computer off at night, I will do two sit-ups.

c. After I lay down at night, I will think of one thing for which I am grateful.

I usually am not very good at “baby steps”, I always want to forge ahead and more often than not, it burns me out and I get bored with it or tired of it.  Should be an interesting week.

til next time…Eva