The Search for Real Food


I have been on an elimination diet for a month…now, that doesn’t mean I was able to be totally strict with it but for the most part, I did follow it. I would “slip” every now and then and pick myself right up and continue on. One learns valuable truths about one’s eating habits through the cravings along the way…my craving was and always seems to be, BREAD. Good bread, real bread, bread worth eating.
What did I learn? Well, I have to say that I have been learning how to search for “Real” food. It was imperative to have done the basics before hand…eliminating sugar and drinking the necessary water. Without those two in place, I could not have survived this month.
The elimination diet itself is just phase one…phase two now will be to add foods back into my diet but unlike the time before, I am going to be quite selective. I am treating my body as the temple it should be…and eat only REAL. The ingredients are being scrutinized…I am going to make my own bread out of einkorn wheat. I am going to eat only real butter. I am making my own yoghurt. I am not going to eat any packaged snack foods like chips, crackers and cookies. I am going to make my own chocolate using cocoa and honey as the sweetening…
I will make my own soups in the crockpot. I will make salads in the mason jars so that when you look into my refrigerator, you are going to see healthy foods on every shelf. Lucious fruits and colorful vegetables all ready to eat. I’ve been making “ice cream” out of bananas and actually prefer it…
Real Food. I am really looking forward to it.
Will you join me?
Take the time to read the ingredients in your foods…since it’s summer, buy local foods from your farmers’ markets. You are what you eat…
til next time…Eva


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