Elimination Diet: Part 2


The Elimination Diet: Part 2

Foods to Avoid

You may look at this list and think, “What am I going to be able to eat?” And yes, it looks very limiting…but think of this time as a chance to heal yourself and understand the connection between your health and what you eat. All of the Elimination Diets have the basics eliminated but others have added other items as well. Dr. Cranton’s Elimination Diet is very thorough because he adds other things to eliminate and not just food.

What to Avoid:

Dairy Products(milk, cheese, yoghurt)


All Grains(wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, rice)

Sweeteners(NutraSweet, equal, aspartame, cane sugar, beet sugar, corn sugar, fructose, glucose, and brown sugar)

Citrus(oranges, grapefruit)

Legumes(beans, peas, peanuts, soybeans)

Meats(beef, chicken, pork, lunchmeats, shrimp)



White Potatoes

Food Colorings

Chemical additives, emulsifiers, yeast, preservatives



Processed and Packaged Foods

Caffeinated Coffee, Tea and Alchoholic Beverages

Avoid chemical exposures. Do not breathe tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, solvent fumes, chemical fumes, or perfumes.

Use scent free laundry and house cleaning products that have no chemical odor.

Use only hypoallergenic, scent free toiletries and cosmetics.

Avoid tobacco in any form


Black, Cayenne and Hot Peppers

Yeast containing foods(bread, wine, vinegar, mushrooms, dried fruits)

Avoid any fruit or vegetable that was regularly eaten more often than once a week(example…if you snack regularly on almonds, eliminate them…even though they are permitted.)

Very little or no fruit juice

If you are planning to do the elimination diet, I would suggest that you do some preliminary homework with it…I have found that if you have been gradually improving your health and have been eliminating the sugar, cutting down on the wheat consumption, drinking more water, it will be easier to live with the elimination diet.

Start planning…chances are, there will be family members who are not going to be on the diet. Figure out a way to keep their foods separate from what you are allowed to eat so that you won’t be tempted. This can be done by their having a section of the refrigerator and freezer as well as cupboard space. Do whatever you can to make it easier for you.

This will also be a time for you to try new foods that you haven’t done before…for example, mine is artichokes…be adventurous and try something new and it may become a favorite.

til next time…Eva


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