Where to Start (Part 2)


Back again…have you made up your list? I made mine up and I don’t know about you, but I got a little miserable, irritated and disgusted while doing mine…
So, now what?
Well, there are a couple of things you could do…

1. One thing to do is on another piece of paper, write down all of the items that are small…things that won’t
take long to do. On another piece of paper write the ones that would take longer. And on the last piece of
paper, write the ones that would involve several steps.

2. Write down the items that if you got rid of them, your life would be a lot better.

3. Circle the items that irritate you but don’t have to be done right away. The remaining items would then
be the items that you really want to get cleared away.

OK, now you have a list of items you really want taken care of…now you go through each of those items and ask yourself the question, “Now what?” What would you have to do to get that issue taken care of? Write down exactly what you have to do. If it will take several steps, then write the steps.

Make it into a viable checklist and you are now ready to go…take the first item on your list and do something now, today. Cross it off…Hang this list up somewhere you can see it and make an effort to work on it daily if possible.

Naturally, some of your list items will take quite a bit of time…break them up into baby steps so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. When you have completed a step, pat yourself on the back and treat yourself in some way…good job!

If you notice, there are so many people who profess to be an “expert” and are advertising for your attention and money. The one thing I keep emphasizing to my daughter plus reminding myself as well, it that you need to start thinking for yourself…and the reality is that you need to become the expert of YOU. Your body isn’t just like someone else, your thoughts, your desires, your basic needs…all are yours alone.
So by starting your journey, you will gradually attract the people you need, the resources and the strength to move forward. The more you learn about yourself, the stronger you become.

til next time…Eva


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