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Sugar…Part 3…Searching for Alternatives


Sugar…Part 3…Searching for Alternatives

Now that you’ve given up sugar, there are times when your sweet tooth attacks and you would like to have something other than fruit as a sweet treat…or maybe you wish to bake something sweet. I looked over the different alternatives and their various side effects.

1. SUCROSE…this is table sugar. 16 calories per teaspoon and has no nutritional benefits.
side effects include: tooth decay, obesity, insulin resistance, elevated triglycerides, high blood
pressure, hypoglycemia, yeast infections, inflammatory bowel disease and hardening of the arteries.

2. ACESLULFAME-K…Sunette, Sweet One. 0 Calories.
a potassium salt containing methylene chloride, a known carcinogen.
side effects include: long term exposure can cause nausea, headaches, mood problems, impairment
of liver and kidneys, problems with eyesight and possibly cancer.

3. ASPARTAME…equal, NutraSweet. 0 Calories.
phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol.
side effects include: headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, memory loss, arthritis, abdominal pain,
irritable bowel syndrome, seizures, neurological disorders, vision problems, brain tumors and
weight gane.

4. SUCRALOSE…Splenda 0 Calories.
A synthetic additive created by chlorinating sugar. The chemical structure of the chlorine in
sucralose is almost the same as that in the now banned pesticide DDT.
side effects include: head and muscle aches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, bladder issues, skin
irritations, dizziness and inflammation.
Research has shown that sucralose can cause shrinking of the thymus gland. It reduces healthy
intestinal bacteria needed for proper digestion and can impact the effectiveness of prescription
and other drugs.

5. SACCHARIN…Sweet’n low 0 Calories
A sulfa based sweetener. It’s primary ingredient is benzoic sulfilimine.
side effects include: nausea, diarrhea, skin problems.

6. STEVIA…REBIANA…Truvia, Pure Via 0 Calories
It is made from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, a native of South America.
side effects include: can cause an allergic reaction if you have a pre-existing allergy to
chrysanthemums, marigolds, ragweed or daisies. It can lead to feelings of nausea and decreased
appetite. Can lead to adverse reaction if consumed with certain medications…lithium, diabetes
medications. Can lead to aching and sore muscles or a feeling of numbness and dizziness. Not
recommended if you are breast feeding.

7. NATURAL SWEETENERS…fruit juices, nectars, honey, molasses and maple syrup.

I personally have decided to leave the artificial sweeteners alone and will persevere with being basically off all sugar and if I am going to make something at home, will be experimenting with sweetening with fruit, some honey, molasses and maple syrup.
The information above was taken from basically
all three websites have a wealth of information about the various sweeteners if you need more information. I always feel that we need to make intelligent choices with our health…to think for ourselves.
til next time…Eva


Sugar…Part 2


I have been getting rid of every food in the house that has excessive sugar in it and have been reading every label…

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms:

Below is a list of possible withdrawal symptoms of sugar withdrawal…have been reading that depending on how addictive you have been, the time can be months before you feel better. Luckily I gave up soda a while ago and the gummies/candy.
I’m not too keen on artificial sweeteners of any kind…honey is probably the sweetener of choice for me…but not in the immediate future…I feel I have to go cold turkey. Fruits and fruit juices in moderation. Today I made oatmeal and instead of the water, I used apple cider, added some cinnamon and vanilla…I must say it tasted so good!


a. Headaches, Irritability, Shaking
b. Feeling Sad or Down
c. Fatigue
d. Sleep Patterns Affected
e. Cravings
f. Poor Energy
g. Nausea

I personally have the headache, irritability and poor energy.

How to get through these withdrawal symptoms? I’ve been reading that drinking a lot of water helps, personally I found a cup of coffee helps me a lot. Finding substitute foods to eat when you are craving your old sugary standbys…That’s the point I am at now…will report on different foods tomorrow…
til next time…Eva

The Perils of Sugar – Part 1



A few weeks ago, I bought a pound of peach gummies from my local bulk products farm store. They are in a plastic box with lid. After hubby goes to bed, that’s usually when I’m on the computer and like to do some snacking. I remembered that I had gotten the gummies. Normally I have some restraint, but this time I ate the whole amount! I noticed that my throat hurt a bit and I had a buzz. At this point, I realized that maybe it’s time I listened to my body and curtail the sugar habit.

Yes, sugar is addictive and habit forming. Refined sugar that is. According to the USDA, Americans each consume over 150 POUNDS of sugar in a year. That’s 31 bags of sugar!(5 pound bags!).
Refined sugar in any significant quantities is toxic to many human bodies(from “Sugar Busters”). Refined sugar didn’t exist until 500 AD(honey was the sweetener). Already in 1647, Dr. Thomas Willis wrote of his observations on diabetes and the negative effects of sugar. In 1976, William Dufty wrote a book called “Sugar Blues” and stated that diabetes and other diseases grew significantly as refined sugar consumption increased.

David Gillespie who wrote “Sweet Poison” states that “you are breaking an addiction, so you need to stop consuming all sources of the addictive substance. They are all hard to give up because they are addictive – but they are all easy to give up once you understand what you are doing and why.” “Your palate adjusts significantly and quickly when you delete sugar. You can suddenly experience a whole range of flavours that either you didn’t know existed before or were muted by the presence of sugar. One thing people often remark on after they’ve been weaned off sugar for a month or so is that suddenly they can smell it. They can tell you where the confectionary aisle or the breakfast cereal aisle is in a strange supermarket by smell alone.”

Studies show there is a correlation of fructose to fatty liver disease as well as to appetite stimulation, gout, diabetes, memory loss and obesity.

David Gillespie also states, “how many of our organs sugar systematically destroys without symptoms until it is too late. First the liver, then the pancreas, then the kidneys, and ultimately the heart”

I don’t know about you, but after reading this, I finally realized that if I am to achieve optimum health, I would have to drastically cut down my sugar intake. But where to start?

1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams of sugar.

I started looking, really looking, at the ingredients of the foods I ate…and some were real shockers…for example, my favorite yoghurt…well, 31 grams of sugar…7 1/2 teaspoons of sugar? I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter and usually have a teaspoon of sugar in each one…

For today, look at the ingredients of the foods you eat…some are going to shock you..(one was those juice drinks…I used to let my daughter drink them, thinking they were an ok alternative…I publicly apologize to her now…my ignorance probably caused a lot of hers and my teeth problems over the years).

I’ll return tomorrow with Part 2…
til next time…Eva

Daily Health Habits…Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling is a technique practiced in Ayurvedic medicine. Basically, our gums and teeth are often a reflection of what is going on health wise in the rest of the body. “If the mouth is healthy, your intestines will be healthy. If your teeth and gums are deteriorating, then you are deteriorating.”(Bruce Fife).
It is said that oil pulling is a good method for improving our oral health by soaking up/pulling disease causing bacteria and their toxins from around the teeth and gums. Whitening teeth, removing plaque, and relieving inflammation and infection from our gums…

That said, let me introduce you to OIL PULLING.

Oils used for oil pulling were traditionally SESAME and SUNFLOWER. COCONUT is used quite frequently because of its mild taste and texture. I started out with Sesame and with it being so savory in taste, it was difficult for me to handle first thing in the morning.


a. Oil Pulling is to be done on an empty stomach. Traditionally done first thing in the morning, it can also
be done more than one time a day when you need to detox more quickly or have issues with your mouth and

b. In the beginning, I would recommend that you don’t take the full 1 Tablespoon of oil recommended…it all
depends on the size of your mouth and your gagging factor. Try a teaspoon in the beginning. Put the oil
in your mouth and slowly pull it, swish it, suck it, chomp it and pull it through your teeth. You want
the oil to become thin and foamy. Your saliva is going to mix in with the oil.
Time…your goal is 20 minutes.
How to do 20 minutes? I usually put the spoonful of oil in my mouth the second I get into the bathroom,
do my skin brushing, my shower, and by the time I am dry and dressed, the 20 minutes are usually up.(when I
do it at night, I do it while I am doing something else like being on the computer, reading, etc.)

c. Do not swallow any of the oil because it is deemed to now contain bacteria and toxins that have been
absorbed. Spit it into your toilet or in a baggy and throw in the trash…do not put it in your sink cause
it may solidify in the sink pipes.

d. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Salt water is antimicrobial and very soothing.

e. Brush your teeth(preferably with a natural toothpaste).

If you need to, you can do this any time as long as it is on an empty stomach. I usually do it again at

Benefits: I personally have noticed that my teeth have gotten very white. Irritations on my gums seem
to have gotten better. The plaque on my teeth seems to be disappearing. And something totally
unrelated, my nails seem to have become smoother and healthier looking. I had read that a small
amount of the oil is absorbed while you are oil pulling and gives you benefits through that as well.

People have reported oil pulling has helped with many different conditions ranging from Acne to Chronic
Fatigue. All I can say is, the white teeth alone is amazing, the way my teeth and mouth feel afterwards feels so healthy and I know that my mouth is clean. The way I look at it, every small way I help my body to detox has to be a good thing.

til next time…Eva

Doing the “Brain Dump”


Similar to the “irritation list” is a technique called the “Brain Dump”. I don’t know who originated it but it is an effective organizational technique. In the work sector, its an effective exercise of everything that is on your mind, things you need to do, people to contact…everything that is taking energy away from you.

When you write something down, it gives that thought/idea an energy that it doesn’t have when it is simply in your mind and relieves your mind of remembering the details.

I like to do it at night before I go to sleep…I write down everything that is still cluttering up my mind and will possibly affect my sleep. Take a sheet of paper and pen and just write down whatever you are thinking about. This can take a while, especially if this is the first time you’ve done it and have a lot on your mind.

Once its done, you should feel relieved because it is on paper now and you don’t have to mentally keep track of it. It takes away some of your stress.

A Brain Dump can be done any time of the day…when you do it during the day, its a great way to develop your “to do” list. You keep writing down everything that is on your mind, no matter how small, silly or nonessential you may think it is. Your next step would be to go over the list and on a different sheet of paper(or two, or three), write down the most important things you have written down that need to be done…prioritize them and then proceed to do them.

Give the Brain Dump a try and see how it can begin to relieve your stress, de-clutter your mind, and make your life more organized


Daily Health Habits…Dry Skin Brushing


When you are forced to rely on inexpensive ways to stay healthy, you learn many techniques that were used for years, centuries or used in other countries/cultures than in our own. One such technique is Dry Skin Brushing.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and along with the other three eliminative organs(the intestines, lungs and kidneys), must be functioning normally in order for you to experience optimum health. The skin is responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification every day as well as being an important means for oxygen and nourishment to enter the body. More than a pound of waste products are discharged daily through the skin. If the skin’s pores become clogged with dead skin cells, the impurities will remain in the body, causing the other eliminative organs to work harder. If the toxins and wastes build up in the tissues, sooner or later, disease will follow.

Toxicity gathers beneath the skin’s surface from everyday influences such as synthetic fivers worn next to the skin, deodorants, antiperspirants, skin creams and alkali body soaps. The skin should be slightly acidic for optimal functioning.

Dry skin brushing has been practiced for thousands of years by many cultures…The Japanese, the Scandinavians, the Russians, Ancient Greek athletes, Cherokee Indians and the Comanche Indians. Dry skin brushing exfoliates and stimulates new skin.
When you do dry skin brushing, you will notice the following benefits:

a. Tightens skin (giving smooth glowing skin)
b. Helps digestion
c. Removes cellulite
d. Stimulates circulation(increases venous flow…the veins carry the blood back to the heart).
e. Increases cell renewal(encourages cell to regenerate).
f. Cleans the lymphatic system(lymph drainage).
g. Removes dead skin layers(our bodies made a new top layer of skin every 24 hours).
h. Strengthens the immune system.
I. Stimulates the glands(helping all the body systems perform at peak efficiency).
j. Evening brushing removes the effects of fatigue at the end of the workday. Fatigue is due to the
accumulation of waste acids that are attempting to be eliminated through the skin.(if you are tired and
to go somewhere, you will feel less fatigued after doing the dry skin brushing…very stimulated)
k. Prevents the accumulation of catarrhal and mucus wastes.
l. Benefits mature skin by stimulating sweat and oil glands. Strengthens the skin pores through which the
skin is moisturized and cleansed.
m. Fends off acne and fungal infections.

What you Need:

For the Body…the ideal dry brush is made of natural vegetable bristles that are neither too stiff nor too soft. It shouldn’t scratch you but you should feel some friction against the skin. When you begin the process, it is suggested that you start with a softer brush and as your skin becomes stronger, your brush can become stronger as well. The important thing is to do it…if you don’t have “the perfect brush” as of yet, well, use what you have and keep looking for a better brush.

For the Face…use a soft cosmetic brush or a soft dry washcloth.

How to Dry Skin Brush:

a. The skin is DRY. The brush is DRY. Always remember that you are brushing towards your heart.

b. Brush each part of the body several times vigorously:
1. Brush the soles of the feet first(the nerve endings there affect the whole body)
2. Brush ankles, calves and thighs.
3. Brush across the stomach and buttocks.
4. Brush counter clockwise strokes on the abdomen.
5. Lighter strokes over and around the breasts but do not brush the nipples.
6. Shoulders and back.
7. Brush hands and arms.
8. Take the cosmetic brush or soft washcloth and using circular movements, gently brush your face.
9. Take a warm shower or bath which should always be followed by a cool rinse to invigorate blood
circulation and stimulate surface warmth.
You have now removed all dead skin cells and are on your way to healthy younger looking skin.

Your skin brush should be washed every few weeks in water and left to dry.

Additional Notes:
a. do not brush over any skin with wounds, rashes, or cuts.
b. Slight flushing of the skin is normal…that means your skin is being stimulated. The skin should not be red
or irritated…that means you are brushing too vigorously. In the beginning you should be brushing quite
gently and gradually you can brush more vigorously.
c. For a thorough lymphatic cleansing, dry skin brush daily for minimum of
three months.
d. Do the skin brushing for a minimum of 30 days to start seeing results.

Once you have initiated dry skin brushing as a daily habit, your next steps would be to use the proper PH level soaps and lotions, eliminate toxic deodorants and antiperspirants(anything used to block perspiration also blocks toxins from being eliminated from these large pores. Even more dangerous is the fact that the active ingredient used is always an aluminum based compound), and wear undergarments and clothes made from natural fibers that allow the skin to breathe.

Hope that you will give dry skin brushing a try…
til next time…Eva0831-dry-brushing_vg

Where to Start (Part 2)


Back again…have you made up your list? I made mine up and I don’t know about you, but I got a little miserable, irritated and disgusted while doing mine…
So, now what?
Well, there are a couple of things you could do…

1. One thing to do is on another piece of paper, write down all of the items that are small…things that won’t
take long to do. On another piece of paper write the ones that would take longer. And on the last piece of
paper, write the ones that would involve several steps.

2. Write down the items that if you got rid of them, your life would be a lot better.

3. Circle the items that irritate you but don’t have to be done right away. The remaining items would then
be the items that you really want to get cleared away.

OK, now you have a list of items you really want taken care of…now you go through each of those items and ask yourself the question, “Now what?” What would you have to do to get that issue taken care of? Write down exactly what you have to do. If it will take several steps, then write the steps.

Make it into a viable checklist and you are now ready to go…take the first item on your list and do something now, today. Cross it off…Hang this list up somewhere you can see it and make an effort to work on it daily if possible.

Naturally, some of your list items will take quite a bit of time…break them up into baby steps so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. When you have completed a step, pat yourself on the back and treat yourself in some way…good job!

If you notice, there are so many people who profess to be an “expert” and are advertising for your attention and money. The one thing I keep emphasizing to my daughter plus reminding myself as well, it that you need to start thinking for yourself…and the reality is that you need to become the expert of YOU. Your body isn’t just like someone else, your thoughts, your desires, your basic needs…all are yours alone.
So by starting your journey, you will gradually attract the people you need, the resources and the strength to move forward. The more you learn about yourself, the stronger you become.

til next time…Eva

Where to Start? (Part 1)


Where to start? Basically you could start from anywhere and add on to a daily practice with baby steps so that you don’t burn out.
But, what if you are in overwhelm and don’t know where to start?(I’ve been there and still get that way!). One way is to get yourself s cheap notebook(I’ll be doing this along with you…I just picked up one at the dollar store, nothing fancy though I probably will decorate the front of it shortly 🙂 )

On the first page, put the date on so that you know when you are starting your journey. The first thing I suggest is to make yourself a “What am I putting up with” or “What is irritating me?” list. When you know all the areas in your life that you are just “putting up with” or gives you irritation, you have a list.

OK, what exactly are you putting up with in all areas of your life? If you want, I usually start with the basics of my living space. To give an example of some items I have on my list for my living space:

a. The front door sticks and it is difficult to unlock/lock it.
b. The living room curtains.
c. The cutlery drawer has too much stuff in it that I don’t use…and it hard to close.
d. Window screens in the living room need to be repaired/replaced.
e. Downstairs needs to be majorly de-cluttered.

Does that give you an idea? Once you’ve done your living quarters, then you tackle the other areas of your life…some suggestions are:

1. Physical Health – diet, water, exercise, weight, etc.
2. Personal Appearance – hair, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, etc.
3. Work – your job, etc.
4. Emotional – spouse/so, children, parents, family, friends, etc.
5. Financial – bills, savings, budget, etc.
6. Desperate needs you have
7. Time Constraints – are you involved in too many activities that are putting you in overwhelm?
8. Clutter – physical, mental, time, etc.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete these lists for yourself. They will form a basis for you to follow in the days and weeks ahead. So find your notebook, a quiet spot and your favorite beverage, some soothing music perhaps and take some quality time to write your lists. I’ll be doing the same. And then when I come back, we will go over part 2.

til next time…Eva

Welcome to “Every Day A New Chance “


Welcome to “Every Day, A New Chance”.
I plan to write about the various health benefits towards certain basic habits that I have tried and used(and also some that friends of mine have been trying). Now, I don’t have a medical doctor’s degree…I have a Masters in Education and love doing research…I have a habit of not believing anyone’s comments about something until I have done the research online or on books for myself.

I have been without health insurance for years and have been forced from necessity to find alternative ways to stay healthy and keep my family healthy. I also was care giver for my parents 24/7 for 6 years and needed to keep us all healthy. There is a need to take responsibility for your own well being…and this means eating properly, drinking enough water, exercising, and living a positive lifestyle…all the basics. I have been seeing too many people ignore health issues and rely on the doctor to prescribe medication and continue to live life they way they always have.

Concentrating on health in all factors…physically, mentally, financially, emotionally…
Hope you will join me on this quest for a better life on all areas…physically, mentally, financially and emotionally…
til next time…Eva